VS 2005 / Nero 7


I’ve been using the Nero SDK with Nero Six with Visual Studio/Basic 2003. Specifically version 1.06 of the SDK.

I am attempting to upgrade my application to Visual Studion/Basic 2005, as well as possibly upgrade Nero. I have a couple questions:

  1. Is Nero 7 supported with the newest version of the SDK? A few months ago, I wrote to the Nero support desk asking if they were going to produce an SDK for Nero 7, and the response I got was a very terse message telling me there was no SDK for Nero 7 and there might never be.

  2. Is there any plan to have a version of the SDK built with the VS 2005 / .NET 2.0 framework? Certainly, out of the box, things aren’t working, and that COULD be due to the version I’m using being built with .NET 1.1. I’m getting a “attempting managed execution inside OS Loader lock” error.


Hi, I am using SDK 1.08 with Visual Sudio 2005+.NET 2.0, and all the COM C# stuff works perfectly OK (of course with Nero 6, NVE3) :wink: .