Vro to vob files

Hey guys! Can anyone tell me how to convert .vro files to .vob files? I’m not able to find help anywhere! Also my vro files in PAL format. I actually found a program that converts PAL formats to NTSC formats, but this program does not work on vro files. I’m so stuck!!!
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Sometimes you can just rename the .VRO file to .VOB and have it work, but it usually doesn’t. From what I remember .VRO is a transport stream, so different than a regular .VOB file. A couple years ago I used a program called VOBTool and a PC drive that could read/write DVD-RAM. I renamed the .VRO file on the RAM disc to .VOB, then used VOBTool to extract the video from the .VOB file.
There is an old post on the subject here on CDFreaks somewhere.

first hit in google gave me this


After Searching Immensely For A Solution I found out that www.authoringware.com has “INTEGRATOR” and “DVD JUNIOR” for converting .vro files to .vob. They Cost Upto $99 to buy!

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you can use TMPGEnc DVD Author ( i use 1.6)and it will read the DVD-RAM disc that has your .vro files and you can encode it to standard DVD-VIDEO with chapter edits and menu if you like.
Just open new project and click “Add DVD Video” and browse for your dvd drive.