.vro or .gi video file conversion

Hi All,

I have a Panasonic DMRE85H dvd recorder and I’ve recorded a film using a dvd -RAM disc. I’d like to transfer that film to the hard drive of my pc and edit it. In order to facilitate this, I’ve bought a separate external dvd drive for my pc that reads RAM discs, but the problem now is that none of the software I have on my pc seems to be able to read the .vro files from the RAM disc. Using SONIC software, I’ve been able to copy (but not read!) the data onto my pc but somehow SONIC has converted it to .gi files which even SONIC itself can’t read. Is there any simple, clean and easy way to achieve what I’m trying to do? Is there any software that reads/converts .vro files? Failing this, I guess I could use SONIC to convert them to .gi files but then I still need software that can convert the .gi files!

PS I’ve checked elsewhere on this forum and the most recent info on .vro files seems to be from 2002, so I’m hoping things have moved on a bit since then.



.gi Global Image format used by Prassi/Primo DVD etc.

Hi I use the following to edit my VRO files. 1st dont edit them on your RAM disc. Just drag over the VRO file from inside the relevant folder onto your Hard Drive. Download/Install Womble MPEG-VCR. Drag VRO folder into it. I use this software, its the fastest to drag the timeline around and insert your edit points to delete adverts etc. Its also frame accurate on its cutting, some people will dispute this but try it yourselve. It will produce an MPEG file. I then use TMPGenc DVD Author to produce my DVD with fairly good menu options. basic motion menus with sound are possible. Dont worry about going over the DVD max size to much. Just ignore the warnings and press on. The final authored DVD can be shrunk in DVD SHRINK to fit on single layer DVD.

You can also look at a panasonic DVD recorder forum at

.thewholewideweb.com/forum/default.asp?CAT_ID=7 (copy paste then put www in front)

If you need any specific help PM me.

I think that you should be able to set the DVD recorder to record as DVD movie files rather that VRO’s which might make life easier.

I use windows explorer to move the VRO to the hard drive. Some software (Nero, TMPG, etc.) will read the VRO from the hard drive if you select the option of “all supported formats”. If you have one that won’t (Sonic) just rename it with a .MPG extension. This will work fine unless the file is copy protected. If it is copy protected you have a problem since nothing I found will remove the copy protection once it is on the hard drive. While it is on the disk all of the decryption software won’t recognize the disk as a video file so won’t decrypt it.

Thanks for your help, I’ll try to find the womble software that you’ve mentioned. I really wish the TMPGenc DVD Author software was capable of producing mpeg4 files so I could do this all with one piece of software. (I’m trying to generate files for my iPod)


TMPGEncDVDAuthor is for generating VIDEO DVDs - it would make no sense if it would support creating mpeg4 files/content!