VRO files from Panasonic DVD-RAM TV recorder


My Pioneer 107 can read DVD-RAM discs and as I have the Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD-RAM recorder, I was wondering is there any program which can convert or open up the VRO files that the Panasonic device uses?

How would I go about getting the things I’ve recorded from TV into a readable format e.g. .avi or.mpg?


TMPGenc DVD Author (payware) will do what you want. It takes the VRO and makes MPEG-2 files. It’s a very quick process.

You can then edit those MPEG-2 files to take out commercials, etc. within Author.

All you need do after that is to create your menu, add chapter points if you wish, and open the “DVD Writing Tool” in Author and burn to a -R.

You can get AC3 support if you also purchase the AC3 plug-in for Author (about $29).

Since when can the Pioneer 107 read RAM discs?

in some cases, you can just pull the .VRO files off of the RAM disc, and rename them to .VOB or .MPG. I have found that this method does not always work. The file will become “corrput” and have video errors.
There is an old program called VOB_Tool006 which will scan the disc and detects each scene/segment of the video, and splits them up if you wish. You just select which segments you want (can join them too) and extract them. Output will be a standard VOB file which you can then demux or do whatever you wish with.
Very important that you do all of this from the RAM disc… and not from files copied off of the RAM disc to the HD.
If you have trouble finding VOB Tool, let me know and I can email you a copy.

I would like to get a copy of the program however have been uable to find it anywhere. Would appreciate it if you could e-mail it to me or tell me where I can find it.


I’ve had several requests for this tool, so I’ll put it up for awhile.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Perhaps I misunderstood. I downloaded and ran the program however VRO files are not an option, only VOB files. I am looking for something that will take VRO files and convert them to VOB.

Thanks for any help

I have only had to do this once, and I did almost a year ago. Someone sent me a DVD-Ram disc with video on it to convert to DVD. I believe what I ended up doing was renaming the .vro file on the RAM disc to .VOB and it finally worked. The drive we were using could write DVD-RAM… guess that won’t help you much now will it…
I do remember just copying the .vro file to the HD and renaming caused errors in the video. Like you, I searched for a way to convert the vro files and VOBTool and TMPGEnc DVD Author were the only options at the time. I never could get TMPGEnc to work. It very well might now however.


I am also looking to copy the progs / films from DVD RAM discs from my Panasonic.
Have you managed to find a wat that is simple.
I have an LG gsa 4160B writer …

I don’t need software to manipulate .vro files, I need to know the exact format/specification of the file itself – the internal bits and bytes. I’ve searched for hours and all I find are references to windows conversion software. I’ve sent email to Panasonic, but since I’m running linux I’m pretty sure my messages aren’t getting through.The intent is to attempt to remove the pixellations that sometimes occur between edited chunks.

Any ideas?

I would like to open VRO files. Is TMPGenc DVD Author the best way to go? How about Avid, Adobe Premier, or Ulead VideoStudio?

I can copy vro files to my hard disk and open them as mpg files but I would like to be able to access the files as seperate chunks. As it stands it is almost as much of a pain as using tape because I have to search through a long file to find the clip that I want.


for those that still want it, vobtool

You need a program called DVD MovieAlbumSE, this program came with my Hitachi DVD RAM video camera. This software also work with DVD RAM disks from a DVD recorder, I have a Toshiba. The program has basic edit and exports to Mpeg2.

Since the day they were made. :slight_smile:

FW Version 1.18
DVD-R Writability Improvement
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Here is the best way I have found so far to use the DVD-RAM format. Record movies with your Panasonic DVD recorder (it has the best quality I have seen so far). Insert the DVD-RAM disc into your Pioneer drive then copy the VRO file to a folder on your hard drive. (Pioneer drives will read but not write or erase DVD-RAM). If you don’t have it already, get VideoReDo from the following site: http://www.videoredo.com/ (trial version is available). Open the VRO file with VideoReDo and do all of your cuts and editing. Save the new MPEG file to your hard drive. Burn a DVD using any good DVD authoring software (I use ULEAD Movie Factory). You won’t belive how professional your DVDs will look.
Good Luck!

The software can convert vro files.
It is shareware but a powerful program. Just download it for free to try.

i want vro to wmv or mpeg convereter

Well, I’m using only Linux since 2001 and I realy never had this problem, i just copy the .VRO files to my HD an edit them or play them in Totem (a verasatile multimedia player). No need to rename it or do anything else.
[B]And answering Barnsmell[/B]: The .VRO file are MPEG-2 streams just like the .VOBs, i tested some of them with mpgtx an them returned the same internal values the .VOBs would return. You are probably using Avidemux to edit the files. I experienced the same pixelation problem editing via Avidemux than I started to use ffmpeg (a powerfull comand line application) convert them and Kino to edit. This way I prevent the pixelation problem.