Vro 2 Vob

Which program(s) can i use to convert a VRO file to VOB?

Where did the VRO files came from, from an standalone dvd recorder?

Nero, TMPGEnc Plus, Xilisoft , Ulead VideoStudio will do it :slight_smile:

VRO files came from a home video recorder most probably - this are the files when the recording format is DVD-VR (probably the same if +VR - I’ve a Sony and only used it with -VR and using a DVD-RW).
I guess what taktik intends to do is to produce a regular DVD video using VRO files as source, not exactly a conversion of files as VOB result from the authoring process of a DVD and if the disc from the home recorder is finalized most players can read it with no modification.

If the idea is to edit the files, I guess the best is to import them to a video editor that turns the VROs (during the import process) to Mpeg2 DVD compatible files, and after the editing to author a DVD.
I’ve done it with Ulead’s VideoStudio and it works.
I understand some authoring packages can also take VROs directly, if the idea is to mix them (with no changes) with other files to produce a DVD.
I don’t know how to split them, but the packages indicated by coathi may work for one or both these ways.

The VRO files do come from a panasonic video recorder.What i want to do is take the file and convert it into the VOB,IFO,BUP files that i see in DVD-R discs.The only way i’ve been able to do this is to convert it into a MPEG file first and then into a VOB.I want to be able to skip the first step and go directly from a DVD-RAM disc to a DVD±R.

Ulead MovieFactory just came out with a new version in 2 flavours - version 6 and version 6 Plus. I don’t know the difs, buth either can import directly DVD-VR and DVD+VR, so it covers your needs as it seems to import VROs and produce the DVD where you’ll find your VOBs, IFOs and BUPs (that are part of the regular DVD video structure).
If you need/want to edit the VRO files I would prefer to do it using Mpeg2 DVD compatible files and a better video editor, as MF has only limited editing facilities and I have no idea how it would handle VRO files for that purpose.
Just to get a DVD from your DVD-RAM discs recorded using the VR format it does the job as I think the previous version also was able to.
It is obvious that there are other products that can do the same, maybe some freeware programs but I don’t know about and this one it is not that expensive.
You can have a look here: http://www.ulead.com/dmf/features.htm
and print the pdf files with the more complete specs