VR Movie Disc Corrupted

Hi All,

I was recording a student film (on VR mode) on my Sony DCR-DVD105 Handycam when I accidentaly knocked the tripod (with camera on it) over, thus causing it to hit the concrete ground. When I tried to check the disc to see if it was ok, it looked like there was NOTHING on the disc, and when I got home and put it in my laptop, it showed the file on the disc, but it would not let me access it and said that it was unreadable/corrupted

It is possible for us to re-shoot the film, but it would cause a lot less hassle if there was some way to recover the data (without costing money). So, if anyone knows anything about how to fix this, please let me know.

Oh, I’m sorry. I posted this in the wrong place. Whoops. Oh well, if someone could still answer my question, that would be great.

Nevermind, the data just got cleared from the disc. Oh well, there was a lot of stuff we needed to change, anyways.