VR mode read problem

:frowning: Hi to all: I have a Sharp DV-wr260h Home dvd/Video player and recorder.
Anyway, While the machine writes films off the TV ok, As sson as I put the DVD-R disk into my computer to run copies or to play the dvd and poss run copies off, the computer cannot see any disk in the machine, let alone copy it. I have looked into the manual and it says it records in VR mode.

Is there any links or softwear I can get and install on my computer which will allow me read and copy Programs I have created on the Sharp machine.

Thanks! :confused:

I use Clonedvd2 to process my +rw vr mode discs. After reading the manual online for your unit I see it does -r -rw only. I have not been able to process vr mode in the minus format. However the manual says you can also record in video format. Switch to video mode and then you should be able to copy your discs on your computer. Oh! also be sure to finalize after recording and before using in your computer.


Yep finalising is the thing to check. However -VR mode is the least compatible of all DVD recording formats so even with finalising you may not be lucky.

There are software programs that will allow you to edit -VR recordings; for example DVD Movie Factory handles it quite nicely. They have a month’s free trial if you fancy trying it.