VR edit issues



Hi there,

just got my mits ona sony handycam dvd202e(woo hoo) but have subsiquently found out i can’t edit any footage on my pc (boo hiss thanx sony). Is there anything i can do to change this i.e any way to change the disc format or an edit suit i can download that will do this. i’ve got nero on windows that lets me watch but i can’t touch (sounds like a club i went to recently)
thanx for any help…



When you say that you can’t edit footage on your pc, do you mean that you can’t read the dvd in you dvd player? Check your camera’s manual, and see if you can record in another mode? You can also use cables to connect your camera to your pc, and capture directly from your camera. Do some reading at www.videohelp.com. There are guides, tutorials, software downloads, and forums that cover almost any problem having to do with video.