VPN - win7 fast & win10 slow

Question 1 - when i had my win7 PC last year when connected to my vpn it would take about 1-2 seconds to load up a webpage, so that was quite good. without the vpn its pretty much instant ( or maybe 1/2 a second),
However on my new win10 PC using the same VPN and connecting to the same server opening a web page can take anything from 10 - 30 seconds . without the vpn its very fast like win7 is.

so i dont know why its taking so long to load up pages , whether its just google site or a site like this ,its pretty much take a while while on the vpn. can something in win10 be causing this , as win7 didnt have such long times to load up. once the web page is finally fully loaded everything is fine for that page, just each time i open a new 1 have to wait 10 ,20 or 30 seconds.

Question 2 - and 1 very annoying thing is that i contacted the vpn provider and they said try a few different servers so i did and same result, but in doing that i am constantly getting a security warning from google and microsoft saying someone has just used your email and password from the location i was connecting to ( but it is me doing it not someone else) so at the same time how do i stop these security warnings from microsoft and google from coming every time i change servers , because they lock me out of my email accounts until i verify who i am.