VPN Router

I was wondering if anyone has used a VPN router like the one below (Linksys RV0041) and if so does it increase speed for users that are out of the local network? IE. people in a different office or on the road?

I’ve configured these routers in the past. I think they just support the “pass thru” for VPN … and hardware-based encryption. Speed would be relative to what other form of VPN you are comparing to (and of course your actual connection speed). Other than encryption I don’t see how the router can make any difference in speed.

Sidenote: I think VPN’s are way overkill for what most people in small business use them for. Win RD & VNC work wonders.

in what way do you think using a VPN is overkill? My primary use is connecting remotely to a contact database on a server. I was hoping I could find something faster than the Windows VPN in XP. As for speed I was thinking that I might find something that uses more or different compression.