Vounteer required

Standard rules of thumb about media:
99% of all players can play TY and/or MCC Media.
99% of all players experience difficulty with cheap media.

Thanks for replying.

Ok. the DVD at the moment was tried in Australia. So it is PAL.

The media is cheap. Hyundai I think. But I sent another DVD using the same media and it played on that recorder.

Is there anything you think I should do with the processing to make it more compatible?

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Gee…the person who made the DVDs is in the UK now, and actually having a short meeting with the Brit parlimentarians

Anyway, if someone could let me know if there is a way of processing it so I can get make it compatible to the max?

Under another directory on the DVD (something like /source/NTSC & /source/original, put the NTSC version & also the source files.

That way it can be easily changed to an ntsc version if required.
It more than doubles your space requirement though, but you’ll still easily get 40minutes of video (of each pal & ntsc).

Ok. But why is it not playing on a pal format DVD player, when it is already in PAL. Thats what I mean. Can I do something to first make it compatible on most DVD players in PAL.

Remember the same DVD player played another DVD on the same type of media (Hyundai disk)

Could have been a fluke.

Cheap, generally low quality media, is very inconsistent both in it’s burning qulaity & playability in standalone players.

Using something like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden will fix most issues with these.

Maybe you can try burning at different speeds … but since quality will vary between discs, its possible that it’ll be a hit and miss affair regardless.

Please report the media ID of the DVD.
(Nero) CD/DVD speed is small, free & will tell you volumes about the discs you are using.

Used Nero Info tool

Media ID: YUDE N000T02

I looked up the ID and found that this is supposed to be very good quality. Actually I got it from the “Reject shop” in Australia!

The Brand says Hyundai.

I understand that Taiyo Yuden stopped making 8x media a while ago. It’s possible that they are fake TY media.
Tell us how they burn & their compatibility with standalone players. :iagree:

i’d say fake TY aswell

I have pack of 25 and I burn on a slow speed. No more problems than I have had with a pack of Verbatim disks I bought earlier.

I usually buy Verbatim or TDK. This is the first time I took the risk and bought something else.

Unfortuantely all of those were sold out. Bought it about a year ago. Most of the items in the reject shop are a one off.

BJ, would they bother to put a fake ID as well??

Little hongkong & chinese manufacturers have often, in the past, put fake media ID codes in their media because another media code is well recognised by burners, and their’s won’t be.

It’s rare to find products which have actually been labelled with fake information/manufacturer though.

So you might have lucked out and got some real TY media, but more likely Hyundai has bought some cheap crappy media from a minor chinese manufacturer which does not have decent (burner) firmware support for it’s media.

You’ll find out in a few weeks after burning them anyway :wink:

good explanation be debro

heres a quick search for Hyundai in the blank media section, post dates are a bit old, but hopefully you’ll get the jist of the threads


Eeeew … look at those scans …nasty … now I recall why I refuse to buy any hyundai products :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m gonna have to wash my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Thanks for the replies.

Well, we will have to then assume that the media is unreliable for the moment.

What I will do is copy the video onto a Verbatim disk and post it to them and ask them to test it out again.

Marcus from wakefield, I sent you a private message.