Vounteer required


We need some volunteers to help encode some video into different formats and burn DVDs and possibly upload some on various sites for a human rights activist in Brisbane Australia.

Could you please email me at the address I have provided when registering for this site.


Why not use Youtube and embed the html code in whatever webpage you have access to?

There are 3 DVDs. They have the following lengths:
2 hours
40 minutes
20 minutes

I think Utube allows only 20 minutes to be uploaded at a time.
So the files have to be split up.

Also it may be useful to be able to provide a DVD image file so it can be downloaded and copied onto a DVD…though that would take up quite a bit of space I think. They have to be and PAL and NTSC format.

I doubt that the dvd format is the best solution here. DVD’s cannot be both PAL and NTSC format. That will require two different streams.

DVD’s can be converted into any freaking media format there is. In fact: this forum can help you with that! :slight_smile: So why not use some an open source media format and offer a player. I would suggest using xvid, since it’s open source, free, highly portable and extremely configurable. Tweaking the settings may reduce quality a bit, but can give an enourmous decrease on the file size.

I wouldn’t use the standard dvd format with all its legal and technical issues.

You, as a single person, witch the access to all that media content can do this in about a weekend with the aid of a fully automated converter like MediaCoder.

If youtube isn’t working, try google video or do they also have the 20 minute limit? And even then you could just set up a website where you host those files and offer them for download.

You probably don’t need volunteers, just do some research and do it all yourself.

why not create a FTP server and just allow people to download the movies themselves?

Google video doesnt have a limit.

Hi, sorry meant 2 separate files.

Need to make it accessible for people who have basic dvd player only. eg. older people. Will explain the rest later when i get a bit more time

Every device coming into Oz is PAL compatible! It’s a PAL country!
Why do you need NTSC? You will lose quality on the image downscaling & it will look… jerky… because of every 4th frame being doubled :expressionless:

Needed for people in US and Canada. If we provide images that can be downloaded, people in those countries can themselves make DVDs and distribute them.

But also want to put it in a format that can be streamed using tools Google Video. Looks as though Google Video might be one way to go.

Only have dvd. how do we convert to upload onto google video?

your video needs to be MPEG2 or MPEG4 (MPEG4 preferred) click the smilie.

Hi. Thanks. Only read above comment just now. Already used VOB2 MPG. The file only plays on Windows media player but not using Winamp. Why?

Winamp doesn’t decode VOB’s.
It’ll play mpeg2 though :wink:

I converted it to Mped2. The Mpeg2 file does not play in winamp

My first guess would be that you have a relatively recent version of powerdvd/windvd that has the codecs to play DVD’s and WMP picks it up, but winamp cannot use (God knows why).

klite (or Klite mega) codec pack should fix that :wink:

Thanks debro

Last thing I need to know (have got volunteer to do the rest):

Re converting to a compressed format. The site I want to upload it to has an 8MB limit.
Now…how do I work out how long 8MB would take in a compressed format? Does anyone know where I could get this info?

8 x 1024KB = 8196KB (MegaBytes to KiloBytes)
8196KB x 8 = 65568Kb (KiloBytes to Kilobits)

[U]Bitrate Allowance (Quality).[/U]
65568Kb / (length of file in seconds) = average bitrate in Kb /s.

For (almost) CD quality Stereo Audio (mp3) you need 128Kb/s.
For semi decent Video (divx/mpeg4) you need about 700Kb/s at 640x480 (ish).

That should give you about 80 seconds at decent quality = 1min 20secs.

You can drop the audio quality to mono & 1/2 the sampling rate, which will drop that 128kb/s down to 32Kb/s (22Khz Mono) and still be reasonable.
The big winner though is video … Drop the resolution down to 320 * 240 and drop the bitrate of the video down to 300Kb/s and it will be very good.

198 Seconds of alright quality film = 3mins 20Seconds.

Generally a two hour film needs 1GB/1024MB for decent quality.
A twenty minute film needs 170MB.
At lower quality, you’ll still need 450MBish & 80MBish.

I guess that 8MB allowance is way too small, even at lowish quality, even for your shortest films.
Better find a new site to host that video :wink:


We completed the DVDs but we now have to redo them, because of some mistakes. New clips were made to replace certain sections of DVD.

Am having problems after re-inserting clips. When authoring DVD, (TMPGEnc DVD author) either the sound is not there or the last bit of the movie gets chopped off.

Any suggestions please?

I need some advice on how to ensure compatibility of DVDs on a cross section of players.

The DVD played on my computer under various players, and also played on a DVD recorder I own. But didn’t play on someone else’s recorder.

Any suggestions.

Perhaps the disc wasn’t closed? Or is it a PAL/NTSC setting going wrong?

Standard rule of thumb about PAL/NTSC:

99% of all European DVD players can play both PAL and NTSC.
99% of all US DVD players can only play NTSC.