Vote on your Favourite VERSION of Nero

Hey All, I was wondering what people thought about the different versions of nero they have used in the past, Whats been the easyiest to use ? The most reliable ? Performed the fastest etc! If you wish to express your view then add it here as i want a balanced view from a user group before i make any purchase.

the latest version is always my favorite :slight_smile:

I use v6.3 and it’s never let me down. Older versions (eg v4.0) used to be hopeless without a burnproof writer but they got the software buffer well sorted now. Not that it matters any more since all new writers have buffer-underun protection and modern systems are well up to the task. Still, a good software buffer does allow you to write at a decent speed.

Still using v6.3.125!!!

Latest seems pretty good - and fractionally more responsive than previous versions on my laptop, but that is subjective.
Hasn’t even crashed yet…:wink: