Vote for NEC! and vote often!

OK NEC fans, the Benq weenies are stuffing the ballot box. Time to get over HERE and make your feelings known!!

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

'Bout time for Liggy to come out with some super duper f/w for all NEC drives lol

You NEC guys are kinda like Kerry, ya talk alot but you don’t put much mustard on yer hotdog… :stuck_out_tongue:

PLEASE don’t lump Kerry in with NEC fans… :Z


You Benq folks are like Bush - you claim Weapons Of Mass Destruction - and don’t deliver…:frowning:


You have my %100 vote,

D*mn, I can only vote once… :smiley:

Go NEC, go. :cool:

my soul and my vote is for nec :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

i think bush did not find mass destruction weapons because they are very well hidden ;really are benq writers :wink:

My vote for NEC went out. :smiley:


Grow up, people. You’re stooping down to the level of the BenQ ballot stuffers. As if one party trying to ruin the thread isn’t enough.

Maybe people ought to be asking who gives the best firmware support as well?

We know ‘modded’ f/w exists for nearly all drives, but if official f/w is thin on the ground it might disuade people from buying a new drive as new, faster media, probably won’t be supported until a new f/w comes out, and if it’s slow in coming out then it becomes more tempting to use ‘modded’ f/w and ‘could’ potentially cause problems!

Also, does the fact that one manufacturer regulalry releases f/w mean they are on the ball and want to give their users the best support or that they have so many problems with their drive it needs regular f/w to fix things? :slight_smile:

If we acted like grown ups, we probably wouldn’t use as much time on burners as we do :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree… :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

I agree with 64k. Take the time to read and respond to the thread don’t just go vote so your favorite OMG +HOTTIE+ wins.

I suppose if everyone who favours NEC and everyone who favoures BENQ are now led to the thread then at least it will be a big turnout for the poll …
And we will have a good indication of who has\prefers each drive as long as those with multible accounts dont vote more than once and the mods dont cheat (if ever they would)
Now what other sites with people who prefer NEC can i get to come here… only jokeing btw :bigsmile:

I have both a nec and a benq now… the benq is better at writting dvd+r media than the nec but a little slower… but the benq cannot write dvd-r media for squat at least in my drive… can’t even read it back correctly in a quality test… pie is too high compared to the liteon…

Come on, where’s the fun if we have to stick with official f/w? Plus the only way to burn RICOH JPN R00 faster then 2.4X is by using modded f/w or speedhacking on my lity. An dthose 8X burns on my nec2500/nec3500 and liteon 832S are sweeeeeet! So are my 8X burns from RiTEK R01 on 832S.