Vorbis archiving - recommended quality?


I’m just about to start archiving all of my music CD’s with the eventual aim of just listening to everything off my PC - which is also hooked up to my hi-fi.

I’ve settled on Ogg Vorbis as the compression codec but I’d like to hear some thoughts on what quality setting to use. Is 7 good enough, or should I go to 8 - Is the difference noticebale? At present I’m only using my PC and headphones so I can’t gauge the sound quality, but am I likely to once I switch over to the hi fi? I’m not an audiophile but my seperates cost around a grand all together so it’s a semi decent system. Disk space is not really a problem, and bear in mind that once I’ve done this I will probably never get my cd’s out of their cases again!

thanks for any advice

The best thing you can do is wait until you get your hi-fi and find the best settings for yourself.

If diskspace isn’t a problem, go lossless.

if you want best quality with lossy codec, go with MPC (Not only is the quality a good bit better than the others, the encoder is also MULTIPLE times faster). Next best would be AAC, after that i guess Ogg (this ‘rating’ is for high bitrates +160kbps… for lower bitrate Ogg does better)

Remember also when you rip the cds, you’d better do it properly. Use EAC in secure mode. (you can set it up to automatically encode to all formats you want)

Everything you need to know you can find on http://www.hydrogenaudio.org

Personally i use MPC (–quality 7, average bitrate of 220kbps) and love it.

Thanks for the help.

althalus - diskspace is not a problem as far as going from q7 to q8 (about 10% bigger files) but it would be a problem going lossless.

This is probably a dumb question, but what is EAC? I’m ripping everything with CDEX version 1.5 and then using the same util to encode into ogg… I thought it just copied the digital data like for like and then encoded. I’ve had no errors show up so far, and I’ve noticed no artifacts on playback (again only through 30 quid headphones and through a pc).

eac=exact audio copy

perhaps the best riper/burner for audio


but CDex will do the work too

EAC http://www.exactaudiocopy.de it’s a program similar to CDex

if everything works fine for you, just stick with CDex

about that ogg qualitylevel is prefered i dont know really. I’ve no interest in it since there are better formats around :slight_smile:

You might want to check the Ogg section on hydrogenadio.org Click Forums and scroll down to Ogg Vorbis. Also you can test if GT3 is better. GT are (Garf Tuned), Garf is a member on the hydrogenaudio forum that has ‘tuned’ the Ogg encoder a bit.

good luck with your encoding :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Now you guys have me worried though. I have to be honest I’d not heard of MPC before and I only heard about Ogg when looking into encoding my stuff as mp3’s.

A simple search bought up ogg and the first few sites I read said that ogg kicked mp3 arse… and yet now reading on hydrogen most guys lay into ogg and say that at high bitrate even mp3 kicks its arse!

Annoying because I’m about 100 albums in on ogg now. I guess I was drawn by the open source stuff and having read other comments that above q8 most people could net tell any difference. But what’s all this about ogg not being able to handle high bitrates?

I’ll post something simillar over on Hydrogen soon… but those guys get pretty passionate!

Ogg, as good as it as at low bitrates, is a pretty terrible high bitrate codec (though I wouldn’t say MP3 surpasses it). The same goes (to a lesser extent) for AAC. For best quality at reasonable bitrates, go with MPC.