VOODOO CD is a sucker!



Who had a deal with VOODOO CD and is riped also???!!! I heard he has change his name, but can anyone tell me where I can find his page{I want revenge}!!!


now his site url is i think: www.supermancds.com


Like I told about two months ago…
Voodoo sucks!! But what do you want: he’s from Friesland.


I know he live’s in Friesland, but I mailt them yesterday and today I got the message that they would send it!! So let’s see what happens this time!!!


Don’t see what Friesland got to do with the fact that he is a bad dealer??

explain it to me .

Are Dealers from zeeland better?


No, but he live’s close to me so I could pay him a visit, maybe!!!


ofcourse dealers from zeeland are better.

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Everybody knows that the average IQ is in Friesland about twenty points below the rest of the world. And every dealer is better than this one. Even when you are from zeeland


Yes, finaly I got my cd’s(after 2 months waiting)!!! And to make up they gave the original Akira 5 to me, so I’m very pleased with that!!! I think he’s a dealer that could deal better, but I got my stuff and that’s my main point!!!