Volumelevel issues in MP3 recordings on Philips GoGear MP3 playyer / Windows Mediaplayer for Vista

Some tracks on my Philips MP3 player are way to low in volume. Soundquality is not an issue - just how can I give some tracks a volumeBOOST so it equals out with the rest. My laptop runs on Windows mediaplayer for Vista. I want to be able to manual level the volumesettings just like I did with recording a cassettetape! How can I do that - or - what program do I need?! Thanx y´all!!!:cool: Mayday Mayhem

So I did a quick web search and found MP3Doctor, it has a normalizer feature. I’m not sure but it looks like the non-pro version is free. Give that one a try first, its at the bottom of the selection HERE

I remember Winamp had a feature called Replay Gain and it allowed you to rip your own CD’s and set a uniform gain so that all the CD ripped in the future would be the same volume, but I can’t find it right now. But that for future reference when ripping CD’s.