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When I make a DivX movie I notice that the sound level is most of the time very low! How can I upper the volumelevel of a sound file!?
So that if I rejoin the wav that the soundlevel is higher!!



You have to normalize the audio… Since you’re Dutch I would refer you to my own page where it’s explained under “DVD naar DivX”, “Het geluid verbeteren”…



I guess you’re ripping in sbc right ?

Well,in that case it isn’t that hard to make an good *.wav file from your movie ,download vob2audio open lst file ,choose in audio settings -> Mp3 settings -> Constant Bit rate -> 128 kbs ,and put the bar from encoding quality to high…then rip to *.mp3 file and then convert to wav file,…done. =)

For More details :



Originally posted by Mick03
I guess you’re ripping in sbc right ?

What does SBC mean?!
I make DivXies using the MakeFilm method where you must separate the audio from the FastMotion and LowMotion movies before you join those two! So I have a mp3 file with the extension wav! This wav file is not very loud what I want it to be! :stuck_out_tongue:

So that’s what I want! When I normalize, that just gets out the peaks or am I wrong on this!?

GameFreak: will look @ your site 2night! :wink:


You’re not ripping in SBC (Smart Bitrate Control) :smiley:

Well,I have to recommend it to everybody , the working of it is very easy and user friendly and you can so much play around with the tools to make your divx even better,… :slight_smile:

So i refer to this page for more info about it :


Follow this guide step by step,…do not miss one,read everything carefully and you will make even nicer movies then those divx groups out there :wink:


Originally posted by Mick03
You’re not ripping in SBC (Smart Bitrate Control) :smiley:

I use the MakeFilm method to make DivXies! Think it’s a bit the same. :wink:


Ps. Wookie: encoding DivX in SBC is also explained on my site. I use Nandub and the quality of the final DivX is excellent with great audio (just like Mick03 described) :slight_smile:


Ik had dus dat progje normalize gedowned, zegt ie dat het geen PCM WAV file is! :frowning:
Nee, tuurlijk niet!! Is een mp3tje!! :wink: Ach ja, ff fixen dan maar! :stuck_out_tongue:


Use Cooledit to boost your wav file after decoding from vobs…


In NanDub I can boost my volume in % which works great! :wink:

… sorry for the dutch back there btw, forgot about it! :stuck_out_tongue: