*volume Slider Keeps Dropping!*

the “wave” slider in volume control just won’t hold still, the slider just likes to drop back down to the middle everytime i raise it up to the max, i’ve tried everything, the slider just wont’t stay still!

for example, whenever i raise the slider to the top, after a certain amount of time it would drops back down to the middle, i would raise it again, and after a while the same thing would happen again.

now i don’t have winamp or anyother crap players install on my pc, all i have is windows media player 9, and i don’t even use it, so there’s no way other software could have override my volume slider setting, so what could have caused this?

i have intergrated sound, using “soundmax” audio driver.

please help T_T

Right Click On My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager

and check the problem hardware