Volume production technology of HD DVD-R discs established



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following the recent announcement of cost
effective production plans for Blu-ray media, a group of four
manufacturers have worked in a joint development project to…

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If you think about it’s not really like Betamax vs VHS… We will decide the winner beacuse both formats will have interchangeable data with little or no loss in quality (this only for video…). Hopefully you will be able to rip a BD-ROM and burn one or two less expensive HD-DVD-R with the same data. I think the price of the writable media will be the key factor…


Completely agree, 2 formats is great news for competition, I hope it stays that way.


To make sure I get this straight, Is this HD DVD-R from the same folks (and specs) of the HD-DVD camp or is this yet another format? Does anyone know the write capacity of this HD DVD-R?
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It should be 15 GB HD DVD-R single layer. However to better compete with the Blue Ray (25 GB single layer) the discs should be available with 2 or even 3 layers but initially it seems that only single layer HD DVD-R will be available. The strange fact is that HD DVD-RW will be available with both single (20GB) and DL (32GB)… I think the price difference between HD DVD-R and BD-R will be sensible with BD-R much more expensive. We will see…


If what you say is true, then it’s funny how history will repeat itself. Just an observation … If Hollywood uses the HD-DVD format then we will be in the same boat is as we’ve with DVD-R and DVD-9. Hollywood would use a higher (multi-layered) capacity disc while we’ll only have a 15 GB HD DVD-R discs. Are we going to find ourselves trying HD DVD Shrink our Hollywood movies when we want to back up our investment (again)? It would seem that odds are better with Blue Ray that we’ll be able to back the whole movie (at least I’m hoping). Just my two cents. Luis http://www.ConventionalLoans.net/ http://www.ConventionalLoans.org/ http://www.FHALoans.org/ http://www.ClarionMortgageBanker.com/
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