Volume problem

Hi everyone. I bought and installed an in car Sony XR-CA370X Cd Multi-changer yesterday. When i put on the radio i can turn the volume up and down fine but when i change it to the cd the volume comes on really loud and if i try to turn it down the volume goes off. the cd still plays but there is no sound until i press the volume up button once it goes really loud again. can anyone help me as to what to do to fix this and if not can you give me a link to someone who might as i have searched the internet all day yesterday and can’t find anything. Thanks. Brian.

Can’t directly edit the audio CD track, import the audio CD track to PC, then with audio editor like FlexiMusic Wave Editor. Save the audio files either as Mp3 or wav files. From “volume” command choose “simple Compress/ Expand” or “Dynamic Compress/ Expand option” to equalize the volume throughout the whole Mp3 file.