Volume problem on dvd disc


I am new to the board and I hope that I am posting in the right section. I have a sony dvd/vcr combo. I have been recording SHO time/The Tudors and I can’t seem to get the volume loud enough when I use the dvd in my laptop or computer dvd player. It sounds fine when I replay it in my sony dvd/vcr…but I can barely hear anything on other players.

I have tried to change the audio settings in the setup…I just don’t know what else to try and do. I don’t have any external audio source hooked up to the system. It is just the cable box and the tv hooked to the dvd/vcr. Can someone help me please?

Thanks so much!!!

Try installing the AC3 codec (an audio codec used in DVDs and some avi’s) on your laptop and computer. It can be found here

You could also just download the K-Lite codec pack instead (found on the same site) while you were there to make sure you have pratically every codec in existence.