Volume Name using DVDFab Platinum 4

I am a newbie and new to the DVDFab software.
I’m using DVDFab Platinum

I have a movie in a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive. I want to write that movie to a DVD.
In Platinum 4 I pick ‘Write Data’ and browse to the VIDEO_TS folder for source. My DVD burner is already picked in the Target window.
When the DVD is written, DVD_Volume is the Volume label.
If I click ISO image icon, I see where the volume label can be changed for the ISO.

What are the specific steps to change the Volume Label for writing to the DVD?


dvdfab 5 has a box where you can change the volume label but i have had problems burning discs and erasing temp folders when i use this setting.any other people having problems with this

It has worked well so far for me.

i just purchased 4. Doesn’t anyone know how to name the volume or label when getting ready to write to a DVD.???