Volume Levels In BENQ 1640


DVD Info Pro show Volume Levels=2 in my Benq 1640

Show Volume Levels=256 in all others drivers: LG 4167, Sony DRU800 and Pioneer 110.

Is that normal ?

What’s Volume Level ?


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I don’t know the answer to this, as I asked in different forums as well as here. It looks as though no one is bothered. The volume level of 2 seems to apply only to BenQ (1640/1650/1655) in my experience. Doesn’t appear to affect any operations that you might want to perform. Who knows maybe this time someone out there may enlighten us.

I think this is the internal playback setting inside the drive.

Some allow volume control of the output signal over the audio connector. I have never seen it used though. I think you will find that if you could use it that 2 levels will give you on or off, 256 levels will give a reasonable volume sweep BUT as I have stated I have never seen it used.

BTW, on a side note, I dont think the DW1650/55 has any internal audio decoder as it has no connections for audio playback, all audio has to go over the IDE connetor in digital form and the PC decode it.

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Now that you mention it. It could be setting 2 for digital out only & 256 for digital/analogue.

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There is still a digital audio out… :smiley:

Interested can check out Philips Nexperia chipset design for DVD/RW’s. Not the latest, but basics are still the same.


Thanks guys !!!

Now I know about Volume Level…

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