Volume levelling

I have three wav files I would like to transfer to a cd-rom using a volume levelling feature.

Goldwave has volume “match” and “maximize” options but they appear to be available when you actually record sound (when you create the wav files).

MusicMatch has a similar feature also.

Could anyone suggest how I could proceed using one of the two softwares above, or Nero Media or any other?

The free EAC has a rather good feature to Normalize your stuff.
EAC > Tools > Process WAV > Normalize that’s all U need.

FYI, I myself use the current SoundForge 8, as it used 2 b, when it comes 2 SF.

When did 8 come out? Im gonna have to upgrade, Im still using 7.

I am very wary of EAC’s Normalize feature and would recommend GoldWave’s Maximize function instead. Just match RMS levels, while making sure the volume levels do not reach 1.000 as that would lead to clipping.

With EAC, how do you normalize a selection of several WAV files? Or do you have to normalize them one by one at the same 98 level?

With Goldwave, you would then have to run maximize on every wav file, one by one?

How about running the files through a program called WaveGain instead?

I tried MusicMatch 8.2 and Nero (using their respective volume leveling options) with more or less satisfactory results. I’m going to start the process all over again from scratch with the tape capture using Total Recorder 5.1.