Volume Label not copying

When I do a backup of Adobe Photoshop 7 to a CCD image with a cue sheet using CloneCD v4.0.1.6 it creates the image and cue sheets without any problems but the volume label of the CD is not copied.

Even when I write to image back to a new CD it does not set a volume label.

It is although the volume label is being ignored.

Any ideas…PLEASE!! :slight_smile:

Do you use the CUE-sheet for any special reason? Just make a normal image and then burn it with CloneCD and the volume lable will be copied correctly. Or is that not an option?

I use the CUE sheet for mounting the image with Daemon Tools - When you say make a normal image - what do you mean?? I use the options:-

Read to file…
Data CD…
Create “Cue Sheet”… is ticked

The image and cue sheet is created just fine, but when I mount the image or burn the image using CloneCD, the volume label is blank!!

Argh! :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick reply, btw :bigsmile:

You don’t need a cue sheet to mount a CloneCD with daemon tools. You can mount the image from the .ccd (control) file.

You also, by the way, don’t need to tick ‘create CUE’ to copy the disc with CloneCD. The CUE thing was implemented so you could use CloneCD to create images but you want to burn them with another software. Since this is not the case here and you want CloneCD to write the image, don’t use the CUE option.