Volume Label "new" in UDF Part of ISO/UDF (API)

I’m the author of ImgTool Burn. Since Nero 6.6 an old error appears again. The Volume Label which I set in NeroCreateIsoTrackEx (the name parameter) is only set to the ISO part of the UDF/ISO Bridge System, and NOT to the UDF part.

It doesn’t matter if I use the NERO_CITE_ARGS struct or directly give the name to the NeroCreateIsoTrackEx function. The UDF part is always labeled as “new”.

… and if someone at Ahead investigates in this problem: Is it possible to have a Volume Label as described in the standard which means 32 chars and not only 16?

I’m using Nero and the SDK version 1.05 (NeroAPI / Visual C++ 6.

Thanks for youe help.

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Also in Nero this problem appears. Any info?

Greets, CouJo!

I am very surprised about the “cold shoulder” of the Nero developers in this question. Since this problem in the “demo version” does not apear, it looks like a boycot of Coujo’s “i will never miss again- wonderfull-tool” !

This is what I think, too :frowning:
But I can`t understand it, because “ImgTool Burn” was the reason for me to buy NERO…
It is extremly easy to use, burn with a few clicks :iagree:

come on guys, what happen? :confused:

It’s also NOT fixed in Nero Maybe this isn’t interesting to Nero Inc. (formerly Ahead)?! An answer would make that clear so: please, don’t leave me alone!

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Of course, every information about problems in Nero/NeroAPI is welcome. However, sometimes it may take some time until a problem is fixed. We are sorry about any inconvenience caused by this problem. You can expect that the bug is fixed up from Nero

It’s absolutely no problem when it takes a bit longer to find a fix for any bug BUT it would be nice if someone can write something about the state. A simple message e.g. “is under investigation” would be enough to know that the bug isn’t ignored.

If this is done no one will write about “cold shoulder” again.

Thanx, CouJo!

We understand your concerns and be sure that all messages are monitored and issues being investigated when appropriate. The fact that nobody replied does not mean the issue was ignored. I can understand that writing “under investigation” might calm some people down but on the other hand, this just creates additional noise. You can clearly see from the activity on the forum that it is being closely monitored.