Volume label length problems in Nero 5.5




I need to create a CD with a long volume label. I have a retail copy of the CD where the volume label is approximately the following: “Games Casino 2005”.

In order to be able to name the Volume label the same in Nero 5.5, I set the character set to ASCII, ISO to Level 2 and uncheck the Joliet box; without doing all three, I can’t enter the volume label as above. All is well, the label appears correct until the CD has been burned. Once burned, the label is “GAMES_CASINO_2005”. Grrrr.

Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or does anyone know of burning software that would get around this problem?



You need Joliet, else it will turn the Volume Label to ASCII characters only.


Dank U wel, maar… if I check the ‘Joliet’ box, I can only enter 16 characters for the label: “Games Casino 200”, instead of ‘…2005’. Nero won’t let me enter the last character. Same thing on Easy CD 5 & 6.x. I know that it’s possible, as the original CD has 17 characters in its label. I tried CD Mate, which supports Romeo file system, but the CD failed twice, lots of the files didn’t burn correctly. I’m looking to create a new CD, rather than just copy, so something like Alcohol doesn’t work for me either.


why does it need to be correct label? when i copy a dvd with a massive title like “PIRATES_OF_THE_CARRABIAN_DISC_1” i just put “POTC_D1” so why not put it down as “GC2005” unless it has cd-checks, why not just copy the wole thing with alcohol for clonecd.

ben :slight_smile:


I think we all realize that we can live with shorter volume labels in most cases but that is not the point. IF your product is supposed to work with 32 carrecters but doesn’t it’s frusterating at least to me.