Volume equalisation

is there any freeware burners that allow equal volume of burned mp3’s to cd or is there another solution??

isn’t that the normalization function in Nero?

It is not freeware though

i haven’t heard of nero (newbie)
the software i’m running at present is NTI CD-MAKER 2000 PLUS EDITION
VERSION 4.2.65
there must be away to muck around with downloaded mp3z that don’t cost money.
if there isn’t i’ll just have to put up with the way songs are downloaded.

Originally posted by al34ro
i haven’t heard of nero (newbie)

It is a great burning program.
If you read previous postings from members regarding this software you will see why they like it so much.

And someone from their tech department is moderating the forum on Nero and InCD (aside from the already very knowledgeable people that visit this forum).

I’d suggest reading as many postings on this board as you can. The search can be a helpful tool when you are looking for a particular subject. Also the news database from the CD Freaks mainpage will provide you with much knowledge.

Feel free to ask quastions when something you read isn’t totally clear to you…that is what this forum is here for.