I noticed that probe always sais that the 12v is lower.
It goes form 11.7 - 11.9.
I have a 360W PSU (it is a chieftec, came with my case).
Is this something that should worry me?

It’s completely normal.I work at 13.1 - 12.7 no problems,no hangs.

AthlonXP 1600+@1565Mhz

some PSU’s have problems to keep constant Voltages when other hardware is active…
if you have no problems don’t worry

when you have lots of hardware in your comp…it can give you problems…like reboots etc…

1 question;

why have you only 256mb in your fast computer???

Don’t worry about the voltages. As long as they stay in this region, there’s no problem.

Chieftec PSU’s are really good ones, don’t worry about that either!

Thanks everybody.

why have you only 256mb in your fast computer??? [/B]

Well, i really dont need more ram right now and i have only 256 bacause it is pc800. I will get 516 next year if there are better (the were problems with most of them and didn’t want to risk. There are good too but it isn’t easy to find them in Greece yet) and cheaper 1066 ram modules. :slight_smile:

it’s just the same as the lights flickering in your house when you turn on a large appliance, a power supply just can’t keep a constant output with all the momentary fluxuations that all the various hardware in your system creates. nothing to worry about.

A better question:

What are the “acceptable” ranges for the various supply voltages, and what are borderline and “panic” values?