Voices Out Of Sync

just created dvd using nero vision express 2,sometimes the voices are out of sync with the picture.can you solve this for me,thanks :slight_smile:

video encoding is a busy process.
Can you provide more info? system spec etc…

one reason could be the audio compression. Sometimes you need to make the audio
to .wav if your gonna use nero for this.

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.windows xp home,lg gsa4081b

OK not to much info there

I suspect you are trying to re-encode “Xvid” or the like, If you insist on using nero for
this process then first you will need to extract the audio, you can use virtualdub
open the video file with virtualdub and save wav (depending on the lengh of the video
it could be a very large file) then select save avi, use the wav you have saved as the audio source
video = direct stream copy, Audio = wav audio. the resulting file will look and sound
the same as other but should be in sync when nero does its thing.

120gb hd,512ram,dell 2400 xp home,1mb adsl

I’m trying to create from downloaded US tv shows,which are avi and mpeg.

I peronally use “Ulead dvd movie factory 3” http://www.ulead.com/dmf/trial.htm
Its very easy to use and the re-encoding has always worked without hic-up for me.

But you should read thru this forum to learn more http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=62