Voices&Audio not in sync with movie?

Would any one know why when I play a movie on the computer it plays fine,as soon as I convert .avi to put to a dvd,burns fine to the dvd but when I play it the voices are all out of sync like a min faster then the actual film,is this something with my burner? Codec software? Bad upload? This has just starting to happen recently.

Usually a poor conversion. Some converters don’t handle variable bitrate mp3 audio that is so prevalent these days. Which converter are you using?

You should always test your output before burning to a disk. If you need software to play dvd-video on the computer, try VLC media player. www.videolan.org

If you haven’t already tried them, you should look at FAVC or AVStoDVD for free conversion programs and ConvertXtoDVD is a popular commercial product.

I am using DVDSANTA to convert the (.avi file)

Just gave ConvertXtoDVD a shot and it worked like a charm. Thank you