Voice recognition software



Hi: I have a query about voice recognition software and I am wondering if someone can help me. I am currently using an Olympus VN 6800PC digital voice recorder to conduct research interviews. Manual transcription is backbreaking work so I am looking to buy a voice recognition software that automatically convert the audio into text. I am happy if it is just a very rough and ready text as I can do the editing.

I am told that Dragon software is widely used but needs to be trained to recognise voices. This wont do well for me as my interviews are with different people so the software needs to recognize different voices. I am wondering if anyone can recommend something simple and easy to use. Does anybody know anything about IBM Via Voice?

Any suggestions will be welcome as I have a pile of interviews to transcribe. Thanks


I don’t believe you can do better than Dragon, although Windows Speech (comes free with Vista and 7) is supposedly getting better. Here’s a link to a review of a few packages
http://www.consumersearch.com/voice-recognition-software/review. From my experience all of the voice programs improve with repetitive speaking but in your case you’ll probably have to accept one the produces the fewest errors the first time. Interesting project, let us know what you decide on and if it does what you want, even if only partially.