Vodafone forced to block access to illegal video streaming site Kinox.to

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/83715-83715/

German internet service provider “Vodafone Kabel” has to block access to the illegal streaming website Kinox.to, one of Germany’s most popular websites. The ISP was forced to prevent its customers from accessing the site after an injunction of the district Court of Munich. A German movie studio requested the site to be blocked.

Yet another instance of copyright trolls censoring the web. I’m sure whatever legal reasoning was used on this site can be reused on any site that criticizes the mega-corporations that insist on controlling everything. Except the mainstream “news” media won’t talk about those websites, since the whole point of censoring critics is so that people won’t know that such criticism exists.

BTW, IDK what Germain laws say, but from an ethical standpoint, there is no reason why Vodafone should be forced to block any websites. Ever. Period. Constantin Film should not have any say about what websites people can/cannot access.

Also, rather than open one’s self to another system of Google surveillance, one should consider using a non-Google public DNS. I recommend the DNS servers provided by FreeDNS.zone: & FreeDNS.zone has a no-logging policy, which is why I recommend them.

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