VOD file

Hi Everyone,

My newbie question is this: I have a client that wants to put a 10 minute video of a fellow talking to a camera on the web. He has a copy of the video on a CD (or DVD, can’t remember which ) and it is currently in a format called ‘VOD’. It is also 420 megs, so totally unsuitable to the web (or so I have been led to believe!). I am a webmaster and I’ve been asked to get this video on the web, so that the punters can see it.

What should I do? Convert it to MPG? Leave it as VOD?

  • LadyD


Do you mean VOB?

No I think they are talking about VOD = Video on demand :slight_smile:
LadyD You can convert it to DivX it’s one of the formats widely used on the Web

If VOD means (And it is most likelly) video on demand you still need to know the video format used for the streaming broadcast.
All you options probably starts from here.