VOBU address out of bounds?

Hi guys. I just found your forum and I’m new to making DVD’s, so please be patient with an old codger like me!

I’m using recode2 on Nero 7 Premium while running AnyDVD This is after I’ve ripped the DVD to my hard drive using DVD Decrypter.

The problem: My copy of “Dragonheart” appears to be 7Gb long, so I want to recode the entire DVD to DVD5. When I try to import it, I get a message back ’ A VOBU address is out of bounds-possibly an invalid DVD navigation structure '. Any ideas on how I can correct this?

By the way, when I try it in ‘Remake a DVD’ I can import it, but only one title(title 6) imports and it’s only 15 minutes long. What’s up?

can you doublecheck your anydvd version for us? the current version is if you’re using an older (or newer for that matter haha) version than what’s currently available that’s usually good to fix first

other than that i have 2 suggestions. first, run the files that you’ve rippe dto your hard drive through VOBBlanker before using recode on them. or 2nd, i’m 99% sure that clonedvd will produce a fine result without the extra step. i understand if you don’t want to switch software, but the free trial is available at www.slysoft.com

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had to leave for a few hours.
Anyway, thanks for the helpful replies. I’ll try them out and let you know what happened.