Vobsub doesn't work on vista?

hi all,

i have an avi. movie with added greek subtitles. i am using vobsub to make it work. when i play it on my pc which uses XP it works great, but when i played it on a friend’s pc, which has vista, the titles came up weird symbols.

any suggestions?


Hi, I have a same problem.
but It seems like only at Virtualdub.
It works at Avisynth.
i tried as follows

1,Download "Vista codec pack"
2,Install DirectVobsub and Gabest components.
3,Write Avisynth script with subtitles and so on.
4,Encode by 3gp converter.

Howevr, alert comes up when Aisynth script was dropped in 3Gp converter.
"couldn’t open “C:Program FilesAviSynth 2.5pluginsavsfilter.vdf.avs"
So i have to click a button"OK” to start encoding.
therefore cannot do batch encode.

Is there anyone who knows to solve this problem?