hey out there i have been trying to figure out how to use these software. i downloaded both but niether tells you how to use i tried playing around with them but can’t figure out. I have a dvd that is in avi format that has the subs included, when i tried to run with convertxdvd it said it didn’t sopport the subs so i downloaded the to software’s and they don’t say what to do. Can someone out there tell me what to do step by step? :doh:

How or why do you have a dvd with an avi file on it, and exactly what are you trying to accomplish.

i sorry i have an avi file that has a subtitle in it but the convertxdvd can’t do it so i get the movie without the subtitles thats why i tried to use the vobsub and the divxland to use but they have no step by step instructions

So where did the file come from? Have you tried running GSPOT against it to see what type of file it actually is? AVI is just a container, and not truely a file type.