ok so i have a dvd with three .VOBs and one .vob.nef how do i burn this to a dvd that can play in any dvd player?

:eek: what is a “[B].vob.nef[/B]”? Are you sure that the disc was ripped correctly? Which software did you use to rip the original disc?

ok forget about the vob.nef it doesnt do anything it was just the temp for winavivideo converter. so i took a .avi file and it converted them to three .vobs now how can i make a dvd work on my player and i only have dvd-r discs help

oh now I understand :slight_smile:

If the conversion was completed successfully, you should have some [B].VOB[/B], some [B].IFO[/B], and some [B].BUP[/B] files.

You need only to run a burning software, select a new compilation [B]DVD video[/B], then insert all the .VOB, .IFO and .BUP files on the VIDEO_TS folder, and finally burn the disc.