Vobs too small? authored disc cuts scenes short

Hi, after a fair bit of fiddling i have finally managed to transcode my mpegs and demux the audio succesfully.

I now have the problem in tmpg dvd author that the capacity of the disc is around 2500mb, which is right summing all the mp2’s and m2v’s, but when the dvd is authored the vob’s are only coming in at roughly 500 mb? When the film is burnt to disc only this 500mb is getting burnt and all the scenes are ending up being only 5/6 mins of what should be at least 20.

I am really stuck as to what the problem might be and some keywords or something would be really helpful, i dont understand why the bar at the bottom of the dvd author is showing the right value, but the final vobs are all too small and the dvd is ending up short on each scene?

should i look at using a different dvd authoring app? is this some problem inherent to tmpg dvd author?

please help me, ive spent many hours working out how to(and actually) transcode etc and now im stuck again at what seems like the final hurdle

many thanks

Did you ever get an answer to this? I am having same problem with Nero.


RayL, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Breadman to reply. His thread is over 2 years old and he only has two posts to show for all that time…