My goal is to take an NTSC DVD, replace the english subtitle with an italian subtitle and burn a PAL DVD.

Using the following software:
VOBEdit, IFOEdit, STR2SUP, DVDShrink

I’ve ripped, I’ve subripped. I’ve demuxed. I’ve translated the subtitle track and converted it to PAL. I’ve IFO edited. I’ve remuxed. I’ve reauthored. I’ve shrunk. I now have VOB’s that will fit on a 4G DVD. I think I’m ready to burn a PAL DVD. What do I burn it with? Will Nero do the job? Is there a cheaper solution?

What about getting some trial programs, I’m not sure if nero has one. I got a trial of dvd xcopy from 321 software. Apparently this program was taken off the shelf in australia because it is the only program that stripps the whole lot, including the css that makes your completed copy NOT play in your stand alone player, even though it will play on pc.
I have just uninstalled all my programs and am about to try this one, because of the numerous unsuccessful backups lately that I’ve had. It was also suggested that the dvdrw’s I just got are maybe not reflective enough to work for me>??? Is this sometimes an issue?
At least I got one dvd of my partition data completed today, so that is promising. Wouldnt happen a couple of days ago.
I’ve nearly given up trying to find out why I couldnt make copies, after already being successful.
Do the aspi layers make alot of difference in backing up dvd’s???

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