Vobblanker replacement

Does anybody know of a programs that can replace vobblanker?
vobblanker is geting outdated and giving many errors with new dvd movies.
Theres is replacement for vobblanker?

VobBlanker hasn’t been updated in a while because there really hasn’t been a need to update. If you’re having problems with new movies, it could be the way the files were ripped. If you feel that the program really needs to be updated, you can contact the author and explain why.

i havent had a problem with vobblanker and newer movies…but you could always try pgcedit

I am do not know what are you doing in Vobblanker, but would be a good idea to say what kind of errors are you getting.
It is quite possible your rip is at fault, like [B]Dialysis1[/B] say.
Check you file first in PgcEdit for command problems and you may run FixVTS before import.
Some new movies have lots of stuff not needed and it all depend what ripper you use to clean it up.

i keep geting errors on multi-anlge dvd’s and even after clening them and removing multiangles same times get mismatch file, wen that does not hapend and the file in the end get compatible with vobblanker it stops to be compatible with dvd-rebuilder and procoder, ex: i get this problem with star wars dvd’s i came around with all of them ep1,2,4,5,6 but the ep3 it’s simple not going. if want to add subtitles and reinsert stuff into the dvd, i dont know better program then vobblanker but because of this erros that keep pooping up i feel the need to look for a replacement, same program that makes what vobblanker does and more if possible.

I think that your problem is that while deleting angles you leave commands in and the file become incompatible.
I am not sure if PgcEdit can help there, but DVD Remake will take care of it. It will require some knowledge of DVD commands and structure.

Use the delangles function first. VobBlanker doesn’t work on ILVU material and will mark those VTSs as skip.

Anyway, to answer your question, try DVD Remake Pro. PgcEdit certainly can not help (other than deleting the angles from the IFOs). You can also strip the unwanted angles with IfoEdit.