VOBBlanker Question(s)

Hi all, A few questions for those of you who know how to use VOB Blanker. It has come to my attention that VOBBlanker is a good prog to remove ads and trailers with etc.

My first question is: What is Blanking? And what is “Skip”? I’ve opened the prog, scanned a DVD and have a top and bottom to the program. “Title Set” & PGC’s in selected Title Set.

Let’s say that there is a trailer that I want to remove, do I go to “Title Set” and choose “Skip”? will that take out the whole trailer like it was never there? or do I choose “Blank” down in the PGC’s area and that just like grey’s out the screen?

Anyhelp would be great! Just trying to figure this stuff out. Also, is there a way to watch a movie that has been “ripped” with VB using Power DVD right from the HDD before running it through Shrink?

I normally highlite the titles in the top window, then look at each of the cells within that title in the bottom window.
Clicking on them opens up a window which allows you to preview each one.
Find the one you dont want - then hit blank.

This basically wipes that part of the file from the movie - saving space- but keeping navigation + menus in place.

If you go to play something that you have blanked- say a special bonus feature - you get a black screen for a second or so - then it goes back to that menu.

If you blank out the FBI warnings at the start - you get a quick 1 second black screen then it moves on to the next thing in line to play.