VOB6, the answer for Plextor and SafeDisc 2?

I just posted the article VOB6, the answer for Plextor and SafeDisc 2?.

A few days ago we reported you on VOB by a German company, which could be a serious ‘threat’ to CloneCD. Here’s one more reason why:

Hello all!

I have a plex 12/10/32 (tla#101) that doesn’t…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1691-VOB6-the-answer-for-Plextor-and-SafeDisc-2.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1691-VOB6-the-answer-for-Plextor-and-SafeDisc-2.html)

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Hmmm, looks intersting May be the solution for safedisc2 problem, or :9

Sure is really interesting, but -if Olli is right- i’m not interested! I’m a purist, and if i wanna burn a CD 1:1 i don’t want the proggy doing something strange like patching or anything else!

Going to try to copy RA2 CD1 with my Plex16x burner, and play it in my toshiba CD-rom … Will post to you if it’s a success or not … I doubt it works :*

If I remember it well, there was once an article from I believe the blindwrite guys, that also CloneCD fills up some parts of the CD with meaningless bits and bytes…

I am not sure which version of D2 G@M3FR3@K is using but the one I used does not appear to use SD2 and can be burned with a HP/Sony drive and CloneCD. RA2 can only be burned on a Philips. I suggest trying again with RA2 and VOB. :wink:

Ok now I’ve tried to copy RA2 CD1 with a 80min CD and VOB->InstantCopy with the option “Special(SAFE2)” and I hereby confirm that it does not work in my TOSHIBA CD-ROM :frowning:

I have a plex 16/10/40 but the copy of alice not work whit the vob software

Ok, Diablo 2 is NOT a SafeDisk2 protected game, it’s a mix between SECUROM 1 e SECUROM 2, it can be copyed with almost every burner able to do RAW DAO (not RAW SAO like Yamaha…), ok? I think the title of the article is wrong, because there are no link to SafeDisc2 but only with SecuRom…

I thought Diablo 2 was SafeDisc 2? Well, if it’s true that’s it’s not then sorry for the wrong info… :o BTW: This news comes from CloneClinic, and I didn’t test or do this myself…

By the way D2 is not SD2 protected, and of course it won’t work if you tried reading with sub on audio only, duh! You need to tick sub on data.

Diablo 2 is NOT SAFEDISC 2 !!! take this news of your site guys, this is just crap … SD2 is a hardware problem, not software and it will never be !!

TH7 and Lord02 are right!!! It’s not SD2.

Well I have done Ra2 with my Plexwriter 124ts Works like dream!!

Yo! No5 - I got the same burner as you and couldn’t do it to save my life. What Firmware/software are you using??

Rubbish I sent an article in about this new software and the Plextor 12/10/32s, and it was not published, if you ask the team nicely mayby they will post my comments, it will certainly put an end to this safedisc 2 dilemma. Clone copies it fine but it only works in the writer. so come on team and post my comments I sent u so all can read :4

:frowning: What would be really nice if the makers at VOB would get off their collective butts and get ALL the demos online so they could be d/l’d and tested out. Ya-I know–go to the german site and d/l the 22 meg version–I don’t have high speed and don’t want the full version!

right you all have a go @ copying a true Safedisc2 protected game (Settlers IV) and it get it too work in all your cdroms. I rest my case :7

check this out, supposedly you don’t even need to read subchannel data for SD2 copies http://www.cdrforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=6871

Hi! I have Diablo 2 and that is copied from original, THERE IS NO ANY PROTECTION, I have euroean version…