VOB2MPG video issue

When I load .IFO file to VOB2MPG v3, after a file is loaded I get message:

Cannot start DVD
Cannot play back video: no suitable decompressor could be found.

I am running WinXP SP3 with all the Netframevork installed.
Other players I have, have no problem playing mpeg or VOB files.
What type of decompressor it is looking for?

Hope can figure it out so you can use it, I like that prog.

Found this, I don’t think you will lose anything to try it.

That was found out here:

Another thread on this subject linked in the above thread here:

I tried a DVD with Vista & it had no problem.
I checked a .vob with GraphEdit & it used mpg2splt.ax which is in my System 32 folder.
I’m not sure if VOB2MPG v3uses this but I didn’t get any messages.

I used files already ripped to my hard drive.

I went ahead & tested ripping a couple of DVD’s with VOB2MPG v3 using AnyDVDHD to decrypt. I didn’t know if it would work because I had never tried this.
From a quick spot check it worked fine.
@ CDuncle , Apparently I have the correct decompressor.
I suspect it comes from FFDSHOW but may be from CCCP .
I don’t have the Dscaler-5 installed but it might work.

I installed Dscaler and it did the trick. It works now. I was looking at VideoHelp and could not find anything there.
Thank you.

Thanks to cholla also for his reply.

@ CDuncle , Glad you got it working.
I haven’t used Dscaler-5 but I haven’t seen anything bad about it.
I try to keep extra codecs to a minimum .
Everything is working for me without it so I’m not sure what I would have uninstalled so I could have tested it.

You might give this a read . Interesting that Dscaler fixes the problem.

I am the same way. I do not have any codec packs installed and I stay away from those.
Thanks for the link. After reading that, it looks like Dscaler is geared to older OS.
It is quite possible that new OS has codec required by Vob2Mpeg to work.
Since using REVO Uninstaller, I do not worry too much about installing something I am not sure about, because that software uninstall everything associated with the program including registry entries.