VOB vs AVI vs Divx

Hey whats up guys. n00b here. =D

Ive been making backups for my dvds for quite some time now but only recently had to watch one…well attempt to.

ive try 3 different home dvd players and was wondering what do you guy recommend for the best playback quality.

Ive been using DVDfab to extract the movie.
Then depending on the size of the move i would either use DVDshrink so it would fit on a DVD5 with no more then 85% compression or i would just burn the whole thing to a DVD9 with no compression at all. and sometimes i am lucky to get the whole movie on a DVD5 with out any compression at all.

With all of these ways i make it into a .ISO then burn using Nero.

Most of the movies i have tested work yes, but with glitching especially towards the end of the movies and sometimes i cant even get that far.

So im wondering if converting the movie to either AVI or Divx would be any better. or if you guys have any other ways to improve playback quality please let me know. this is most annoying.

Thanks Guys!

Glitches near the end of a SL or the middle of a DL usually mean that you are either burning too fast or have low quality blank media. I think you’ll find DVD Video format will look better than most all of the MPEG-4 modes. You can try a high resolution, high bitrate H264 conversion to see how that looks (but it will be fairly large, have no menus or extras and take a long time to process). It comes closest to my eyes.

well right now im using Memorex DVD+R and Memorex DVD+DL so are those bad? and the burning speed has that much of an effect on it?

Near the edge of the disc, yes. Memorex is not considered great media. Try one at 8X for SL, 2.4 or 4X for DL.

Change to Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.


Ive used Verbatium before and same thing. im guessing its my burn speed. on my laptop it burns DL at 2.4 and i still get glitches. any idea?

Also i just noticed that its not standard for Nero to have Finalized CD on. Is this a huge deal? im testing it out right now.