VOB to Mpeg2 Question

After using dvd2one I’ve got my vob files down to a combined total of 4472MB (with 2 Channel audio), which is great. But I dont always want to transfer my vobs to DVD R. Can anybody tell if there’s some software that can convert these vobs to an Mpeg2 file.

Back in the days of VCD. I used some software called VCDgear. This could remove all the unwanted DAT data from a VCD file and leave you with the raw Mpeg1 file. It was really quick too!

Is there anything like this for removing all the unwanted vob data and leaves you with the raw Mpeg2 file.

I’d like to know the same thing, i mean surley it’s possible as a vob file is just a collection of video and sound files…theses gotta be a way of splitting them!!!

only thing I can think of is to use tmpg encoder to demux the video from the vobs and join them to one big video file using tmpg also.

u could strip the audio into one big stream using dvd2avi

I suggest u search the doom9.org forum

If you rename *.VOB to *.MPG, it will still play.

I have used TMPG, but it did not always work, expecially for DTS audio…


I use the program call VOBrator… It looks at the vob file and lists all the video and audio tracks… From there you can choose to extract whatever stream you want…

Hope this helps…


There’s no MPEG1 in a vob file, just MPEG2 data, whom you can demux very easily with VOBedit.

If you want to convert Mpeg2 to Mpeg1, you will have to transcode that with a Tmpeg (which imho has the best mpeg1 quality)

I’ve done it!..but it was complicated if you don’t know much about video formats. Rip the movie files with dvd decripter but make sure you select “merge vob files” in the TOOLS\SETTINGS\FILE MODE, then open your new vob file in Vob edit and select DEMUX, select “demux mpeg stream” and save the m2v file, then select “demux MPA audio stream” and save the audio file…then use tmpeg “Mpeg tools” to multiplex both files together!!..ok not as easy as vcd gear but it extracts the files without re-encoding!!

Thanks everybody for your help. I’ll scan the web for VOBrator & VOBedit.

One of the reasons for wanting to convert a DVD into one long raw mpeg2 file, is so I can make a direct comparison with DivX and WinMedia9. — Yes, I know, don’t all scream at me at once ‘Bill Gates Alert’ But, I had to do it for a companies web site!

As we all know, there’s no shortage of great programs out there to convert vobs or DVD’s into DivX. I currently use DVD Decrypter, dvd2one (to reduce the vobs to a sensible working size) and MPEGMediator to create the finished DivX file.

However, initial trials with WinMedia9 Encoder have revealed that when encoding video at just 615kbps VBR (and audio at 64kbps VBR) the resulting 720x576 image is very watchable. And dare I say better than DivX. And I even bought a Sigma XCard to playback DivX on my TV.

I’ve also found that you can put a vob file (with 2 ch audio) straight into the WinMedia 9 Encoder and it will encode it. Although it’s mind blowingly slow - 2 hours+ per GB. And this is with a 2.8Ghz P4!

Anyway, my next project is to find some software that will extract the 5.1 Ch audio from the vob file and generate 6 separate wav files.

Thanks again

DVD Decrypter wont touch files already on your HD ubfortunately. But SmartRipper will.

Use SmartRipper to re-rip the movie but in Setup select MAX FILE size to be 5000geg. You will then end up with 1 big VOB file. Accociate VOB file playback to your WinDVD or PowerDVD, click on the VOB file and sit back and enjoy.

Wonderus, yer the man!

VOBedit is the dogs nads!

Now I’ve got one raw Mpeg2 file instead of a load of vobs, it makes it much easier for the file to be recognized using different editing packages. I’m using a trial version of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 and its makes life much easier.


Glad i could help out, i found out something i needed to know too, everyone’s happy!!


Since my DVD player does not play mini-dvd’s are you saying that I can demux the vob then remux to mpg in TMPEG and burn thoes mpg’s as a XSVCD? or do I need to demux at all? can I just rename the vob to mpg and burn as XSVCD? why I’m asking is that I even like the looks of the video transcoded to 1.6gig so I want to split the video to two CDRs.

If the audio was MP2 (mpa ) format and not AC3, then a Multiplex of the 2 files (m2v and mp2) with TMPGEnc as an MPEG2-SVCD (VBR), cut in 1/2 and burnt as a Non-compliant SVCD MAY work. Worth a try. Your player needs to be able to play an XSVCD’s though.

Ok, we’ll that works, but I’m getting sync issues now to deal with. Thanks

Then try Wombles MPEG2VCR, its a beter Multiplexor than TMPGEnc . Can also cut the movie as well.

If you were going to do a svcd you would have to re-encode the file to svcd standard, i know svcd is mpeg 2 format but where dvd mpeg 2 is 720x576 (pal) svcd is 480x576 (pal) and you would have issues when trying to play it back. I personally never had much luck with svcd’s and always made vcd’s instead (with menu’s and stuff) then i went and bought a DVD+R/RW drive and now use maestro to make great dvd’s, the DVD+R/RW drives produce discs compatible with loads of players…i havn’t had a player yet that won’t play my discs, bit off the subject there!