VOB to Mpeg-4

Hello all,

I would appreciate some recommendations on good, easy to operate software that enables users to convert from VOB files straight to Mpeg-4.

I’ve been working with DVDshrink, WinAVI converter, and a PSP video converter (to take files from AVI to mpg-4) and it’s been a real hassle - not to mention I’ve somehow picked up subtitles for all audio not just non-english sections, when WinAVI’s finished converting :frowning:

Would just like to cut everything else out and go straight from the DVDshrink VOB file, to convert over to Mpeg-4 to be able to play on a psp, if I can :slight_smile:

Thanks muchly in advance :bow:


Super from eRightSoft is worth a try. It will manage the video conversion, but I don´t know about the sub-title problem.

If you have Nero, you can use Nero Recode - tutorial

You could try Super since it’s free, but ultimately CloneDVDMobile was the best I tried and the one I settled for…has settings that allow you to disable subtitles or keep it. CloneDVDMobile comes with a free 21 day trial.
I tried a few free convertion programs and they weren’t quite as fast or as effecient. You also gotta make sure that there won’t be audio sync issues with the free programs.

In all fairness though, I didn’t try Super because you kinda gotta jump thru hoops to download it, but I’ve heard good things about it.