VOB to DVD no sound

I have converted mp4 files to DVD on the AVS converter. These files are now as follows:


I have Roxio burning software, I loaded the files into Roxio and previewed before I burned. In the preview there was sound and picture, everything looked good. After I burned them, the DVD has no sound. What am I doing wrong?


Do you know which type of audio you converted to in the dvd? If you are in the US, not all dvd players can handle MP2 audio, which can be found in PAL countries. AC3 at 48khz is a safe choice for dvds.

Did you make sure to set your output for the correct region…in other words, did you make an NTSC compliant dvd if you live in the US, or did you make a PAL dvd if you live in Europe or most of the rest of the world?

A computer can handle either one by the way. Did you play the finished dvd in a stand alone player or on the computer?

As far as I can tell the audio is part of the VOB file. There are no “stand alone” audio files showing. With the audio being part of the VOB files, I don’t know how I can change its format. I did try the DVD on my computer as well as on a stand alone DVD player, but it did not have sound on either one.

Thank you

Your converter should have given options on what type of audio to use.

You can examine the existing dvd files with MediaInfo. It will tell you the codecs used in both the video and audio streams.

If you want to start over, I’d suggest using AVStoDVD, FAVC or DVDFlick to convert the mp4 to a finished dvd, ready to burn. All three of these programs are free to use.