VOB to DVD issue

I’m not sure where to post this mods, so move it if you need to.

Ok, with that said, I’m having a strange issue backing up one of my movies, ‘the fifth element’. It’s strange in that I have no problems ripping the DVD to VOB format (using DVD Decrypter 4.0, FAB, and a variety of others), and watching the VOB in windows media player, the DivX Player, or PowerDVD, however when I try to use Dr. DivX to encode the VOB to DivX, It gives this error message:

‘Cannot find a video stream in the file VTS_01_1.vob’. The file you have chosen may not have a video track.’

I’ve tried several ways of ripping the DVD, including converting it in DVDShrink to a single VOB, but nothing allows it to be read by either VirtualDub or Dr. DivX. It’s really starting to be annoying, in that I can watch the VOB perfectly, but can’t encode. Has anyone run into this problem before, and what can I do about it?